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Firm Overview

Our Approach

The Loomis Law Firm begins representation with an in-depth initial consultation. We ascertain your particular goals and concerns. We walk you through the legal process, including the initial legal issues presented in your case. We then provide you with clear, concrete action items. Our objective is to provide a roadmap of the case and clear steps that must be taken to initiate the process of achieving your reasonable and acceptable goals.


Very few legal problems have a single solution. The best solution for a particular client will be determined by the specific objectives of our client. We do not follow a "one size fits all" approach. We provide our clients with options and with the information they need to understand the costs and benefits of any particular approach. We work with our clients to determine the best approach for their personal goals. The client's objectives are paramount.


Once we have determined the objective and the strategy for achieving that objective, we focus on taking the steps necessary to achieve that objective. However, there are always variables and aspects of a case that cannot be predicted. We provide timely and thorough updates on the case as it progresses and then provide additional analysis to respond to changes.


A case is not necessarily complete just because there is an agreement or a judgment. Often, the most difficult aspect of a case is follow-through that occurs after the issues in the case are resolved. This includes ensuring agreements are executed, documents are filed, and that the parties follow through with the provisions of the agreement or judgment. The Loomis Law Firm takes the steps necessary to see the case through to conclusion.